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Kerry Glasier

Kerry Glasier

I am extremely grateful you were able to take time to look at my fundraising page and find out how you can really make a difference, not only for one child, but communities, schools and after care facilities.
Ivy Child's vision is to develop mindful leaders who engage and impact social change, creating a culture of peace.
Which aligns with their mission, to provide universal mindfulness education to children and communities, prioritizing urban populations and their multicultural needs.
With your help Ivy Child can extend programming into places that do not have funding. Training professionals that will teach our children how to live in this moment and enjoys all aspects is how we can spread the benefits of mindfulness.
Together we can make a difference! The future is bright and challenging, let us make sure our children will not just survive but will flourish beyond our wildest expectations.
There are three ways YOU can help:
1. Attend our kick-off events on January 25th. More details are available under the 'ABOUT' tab. We would also appreciate any help in spreading the word, beginning with your network.
2. Register and Join our Ivy Child team or a team of someone you may know who is already a part of the Ivy Child team, and help us reach our team goal of $5000. You can also create your own team if you'd prefer. To do so, click on the 'Join' tab, 'Sign Up with Facebook', or enter in your name, email, and new password. Continue through the first few guided steps to setup your profile (including creating a custom URL for your own page, setting a personal fundraising goal, etc). *You can skip the step that asks you if you want to start inviting people - you'll get the opportunity to do this later from your account. Once you are logged into your fundraiser account, complete the checklist for setting up your profile on the right side of the page (upload your image, customizing your message etc). Once you have your profile set up, you are official a 'fundraiser'! You can start sharing your personal URL with family, friends and other potential donors. You can also invite others to join as a fundraiser.
3. Donate and/or ask others to donate! Get a head start by making a personal donation towards your own goal. We also encourage you to ask friends, family, colleagues, and other contacts to make a donation. They can donate towards your goal, a specific team, or to the campaign in general.
Our Ivy Child Team page link is: https://ivychildbreathetogether.rallybound.org/teamivychild
I also have my own team started at
Thank you for your kind heart and generous soul.
Kerry Glasier



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